Let’s meet

Konnichi wa. My name is Cynthia Lie, KonMari™ consultant and I would love to help you transform your home. Working in close consultation, I will help you declutter and organise your home. Together, we will create an inviting home that sparks joy.

But before we get started, I imagine you want to know a bit about me. Here it goes!

I know what it means to relocate

Moving homes. Moving countries. The first time it happened to me, I was just four years old. My father was a frustrated medical student living in Jakarta, Indonesia. Time and time again, dad was delayed in taking his final exams. It all came down to a dysfunctional bureaucracy which was in no hurry to change. Eager to get on in life, we bid farewell to the heat and humidity of Asia and travelled to the Netherlands. Dad soon completed his studies and went on to practice as a doctor. Slowly, over many years, the Netherlands became my family’s default home.


I have a degree in organising households

After high school, I completed my studies in facility management. Sounds dull? Yes! I have to admit that as an eighteen year old I found the theory of organising and maintaining hospital buildings boring. So I decided not to pursue it as a career. It’s only now, in retrospect, that I realise that all those hours in the lecture hall weren’t a complete waste of time. What is facility management but the organisation of households on a grand scale?


Global career by design

Like many expats, I suffer from itchy feet. It didn’t take much for my then boyfriend to persuade me to pack my bags and move to his home country of Italy. Italy was everything I hoped for. Amazing food. Unbelievable history. Great design. And it was design that got my career started. A sales & marketing internship at the designer clothing brand, MONCLER, sparked a global career which took me New York, Bangkok and Hong Kong, representing a variety of designer brands.


The birth of something new

The birth of my first child in 2009 heralded change. I wanted to find a way to combine caring for my baby with my passion for work. In Hong Kong, where I was living, part-time work is almost unheard of, so I started something new and defined a new way of life for myself and my family.

Using the money I had saved up over the years, I invested in an old apartment. Putting my project management and design skills to the test, I set about gutting and then re-designing the space, with a focus on clean lines and natural materials. The result was featured in the South China Morning Post and accidentally, my design  and  renovation  business was born.


Full circle

It was my parents that brought me to the Netherlands at the age of four. And my parents that brought me back as an adult, with a family of my own. As my parents grow older, I have made an active choice to bring the three generations of my family closer. Together, we seek to savour our daily lives with each other.


International living: the Hague and Hong Kong

The place I now call home is the Hague in South Holland. That said, my itchy feet remain, well…itchy! Having lived and worked in Hong Kong for 15 years, I travel to Hong Kong on a monthly basis and offer services in both countries.